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UMW Amphitheatre

Construction at the Amphitheatre.jpg

A collection of records detailing the use of University of Mary Washington's amphitheatre though out its history.

UMW Department of Historic Preservation

A collection of records detailing the development and activity of the Department of Historic Preservation at the University of Mary Washington…

Campus Chow


An examination and repository of things relating to food and food service on the Mary Washington campus through time

Contributors: Special Collections, University Archive University of Mary Washington , G. Kenner HISP 303A UMW Fall 2017

Blueprints of UMW

This collection of records shows the architectural plans and blueprints of numerous University of Mary Washington (formally Mary Washington College)…

UMW and World War II


This collection consists of photographs and campus newspaper articles that showcase how UMW students, faculty, and staff were involved in the war…

Trinkle Hall Library

An examination of the functioning of Trinkle Hall during its time as a library from 1941-1989.

Soccer at UMW

Newsclipping 10.JPG

This collection depicts the history of the soccer programs at the University of Mary Washington.

Devil-Goat Day


Images relating to the history of the University of Mary Washington's Devil-Goat Day