Soccer at UMW

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Soccer at UMW


The men and women's soccer programs at UMW


This collection depicts the history of the soccer programs at the University of Mary Washington.


Brendan Helms



Collection Items

Men's Soccer Game
A Mary Washington men's Soccer game.

Men's Soccer Game
A player on the MWC men's soccer team kicks the ball.

Women's Soccer, 2002-03
An action shot in the middle of a game against Salisbury from the 2002-03 women's soccer season as players scramble for the ball.

Three soccer players
Three members of the UMW men's soccer team.

Article from 2009
Article from The Bullet detailing the fall season for UMW women's club soccer from 2009.

Articles from 2003
Two articles about UMW soccer from the Bullet in 2001.

Articles from 2001
Articles from 2001, when UMW played against York for homecoming

Articles from 2005
Articles about the UMW soccer teams from 2005.

Soccer program coming to UMW
Newsclipping from the Bullet announcing a Soccer program coming to UMW

Article from 1999
Article from the Bullet in 1999
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