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Last will and testament Class of 1917 Page 44 Item XV bequeathing a dumbwaiter to Mrs. Carter, the housekeeper to help in the retrieval of dishes from dorm rooms

SodexhoKitchen (2).jpg
Bulk storage of dinner plates in the banquet hall kitchen on the ground floor of the University Center

University Center Dining Hall, opened for business in 2015 with the "Sustenance" service counter in the foreground

Blackstone Coffee Company cafe' on the University of Mary Washington campus, Fredericksburg, VA

Vocelli's bicycle delivery fleet at their University of Mary Washington campus location, poised to deliver orders to customers

Student dorm room in Willard Hall ca. 1915.

Three students pictured in a residence hall kitchen at Mary Washington College,two of them drink tea at the table while the third washes dishes.

A view of the dining room of Seacobeck Hall, brimming with students, some of whom are wearing their beanies.

Residents of Framar House share tea around the kitchen table.

Seacobeck Hall behind the trees, accompanied by a paragraph detailing historical context of the site
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