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Dr. Morgan L. Combs responds to the declaration of war on Japan and informs students of what they should do during this crisis. Activities students can participate in to support the war effort are mentioned. President Roosevelt's statements on…

An instructor demonstrates how to operate a machine gun to five students.

The Bullet promotes nominations for the National Bond Queen Campaign, in which stamps and bonds can be purchased for votes for the Campus Bond Queen. The winner will be entered into the national contest.

The Victory Booth reopens for a second year in order to continue to sell war bonds and stamps.

An announcement for the opening of the Victory Booth on campus for the sale of war bonds and stamps.

College spirit at stamp booth installation.jpg
Students gather on campus outside the College Shoppe, and a victory booth is on the left. One student holds an American flag and others hold a fife and drum. A poster reads "Follow the Spirit of '76 Show the Spirit of '42."

Hoof Prints Club and Cavalry troop marching down Princess Anne Street.jpg
Members of the Hoof Prints and Cavalry troop march down Princess Anne Street in khaki uniforms. Four female students head the procession, holding a flag decorated with the letter 'A'. In the background the Princess Anne Hotel is visible.

Students selling war bonds.jpg
Students gather around a booth set up to sell war bonds. The sign on the front reads, "If you want them back - back them!" The students pictured are, kneeling, from left to right: Mary Doswell and Phyllis Dunbar; standing, from left to right: Grace…

War effort.jpg
Two students standing in uniform, Jean Krout and Monika Dahl, promote the war effort in downtown Fredericksburg. On back is written in ink, "Miss Krout + Miss Monae-Dahl. Payne (City Manager)."
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