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Two students talk in front of Lee Hall and a banner promoting Devil-Goat Day hanging from the front steps.

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Students prepare for a a wheelbarrow race on the lawn of Westmoreland Hall as a part of Devil-Goat Day festivities.

Students compete in a limbo contest on Devil-Goat Day.

Broach, %22Devil%22.jpg
A Devil with "MWC" on their chest.

Goat, Felt Emblem .jpg
Green felt goat emblem trimmed in orange thread.

Will the Bullet be burned or chewed.pdf
A goat and a devil fight over an edition of the Bullet.

Construction at the Amphitheatre.jpg
Looking down at the construction between Lee Hall and Trinkle Hall.

Lost Interesting Battle.pdf
Victorious goat stands atop devil.

Dr. Morgan L. Combs responds to the declaration of war on Japan and informs students of what they should do during this crisis. Activities students can participate in to support the war effort are mentioned. President Roosevelt's statements on…

A grey t-shirt with text and picture centered in the middle of the chest saying 'Mary Washington College 1908 Equestrian' in blue and in white a depiction of a rider and horse going over a jump
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