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Students perform A Midsummer Night's Dream and Rude Mechanicals in the Amphitheatre. Pictured L to R are Peter Silverstein, Anna Martin, Missie Plotkin, Lydia Hellrich, Melissa Smith, and Robin Brumer.

View of the Amphitheatre, looking down toward the stage. "1968" is written in blue pen on the top right corner.

A figure walks up the snow covered steps of the Amphitheater. Written on the back in pencil: "Amphitheater"

A student studies at the Amphitheater. Written on back in pencil: "Ampitheatre." Written on back in blue pen: "94%"

Column Injures Two Marines.pdf
Two marines were injured when a column in the amphitheater collapsed on them.

Crumbling Amphitheater page.pdf
Attention is brought to the virtues of the amphitheater with reasons why it should not be torn down.

Bullet-Fredericksburg_VA_vol-25_1952-05-06 (2).pdf
The agenda and events for the 1952 Devil-Goat Day.

The 1952 May Day festivities.


Bullet-Fredericksburg_VA_vol-36_1955-05-03 (2).pdf
An outline for the 1955 Mary Washington College Commencement.

Action, form, and grace.jpg
Action, form, grace.
Members of the Modern Dance Club strike dramatic poses. From left to right: Anne Harris, Lilias Scott, and Myron Russel.
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