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Two men after playing a game involving hitting each other with padded staffs.

Beanies 1929 p180.jpg
Three women with Devils on their beanies.

A goat and a devil face off, surrounded by students.

Billy Goat .pdf
A goat.

TIF (2).tif
Girls gather to celebrate Devil-Goat Day, surrounding a student dressed in a goat costume.

Devil-Goat Day Festivities. Students are by a make-shift clock pointing to 12 with banners of a goat and a devil on opposite sides of the image.

Two students talk in front of Lee Hall and a banner promoting Devil-Goat Day hanging from the front steps.

TIF (1).tif
Students prepare for a a wheelbarrow race on the lawn of Westmoreland Hall as a part of Devil-Goat Day festivities.

Students compete in a limbo contest on Devil-Goat Day.

Broach, %22Devil%22.jpg
A Devil with "MWC" on their chest.
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