In the fall of 2017, fourteen students in the Historic Preservation Department's Archives & Society class embarked upon building a digital collection of items that they felt were important to knowing and understanding the history of the University of Mary Washington and some of it's important traditions, clubs, events, architecture and culture. In order to accomplish this, students selected items from a wide variety of sources - Special Collections, Websites, Social Media, and even their own unique records to be added to the archival collection. Students described these items according to Dublin Core standards, remaining particularly consistent across distinct collections. Finally, the students used the items that they found along with additional research to create individual exhibits to help users see the full picture of these topics.


A photograph of a 1989 historic preservation class outside of Monroe Hall.

 A historic preservation class sits outside of Monroe Hall in 1989.


Contributors to this project were the following, in alphabetical order: Zane Allison, Dalton Baughn, Ilana Bleich, Amy Bonnevier, Cara Dudley, Sara Farnor, Sophia Geron, Brendan Helms, Holly Irwin, Gil Kenner, Christine Pace, Caroline Ralston, Jessica Schmitt, and Cathy Smith.

The professors leading this class were Carolyn Parsons and Angie White.

Additional research assistance was provided by Sarah Appleby and digitization was completed by Megan Lindsey.